4 Bad Selling Habits Your Employees Might Possess

When it comes to marketing, business closure is all that matters. Your sales team can focus mostly on making more sales and develop some unethical practices to achieve this.

The major problem with focusing on sales is that buyers might be duped into buying products. Complaints from the customers will negatively affect your business and ultimately cause the loss of revenue.

Here are four bad selling habits your employees might have developed that could be affecting your business.


Overselling of product features is a common practice. For example, a customer might inquire if a product has some specific features and the salesperson will just agree that it is available. The customer later discovers that it was a lie and can do nothing about it.

Your employee might be tempted to oversell the product's features so as to get more sales.

a salesperson with phony smile holding a dollar bill

Bait and Switch Sales Tactic

In bait and switch, your employee will show one item and then switch to an inferior product or service. This is common when the products have similar characteristics and the employee has been pressured to help increase sales of all products.

Employees might be tempted to use this trick so as to increase their profit margin, particularly if they are paid through commissions. Bait and switch drives customers away as they feel they have been duped by the salesperson. This can contribute to tons of bad reviews and drive away loyal customers.

Obsessing Over the Numbers

Salespersons obsess over numbers which can be confusing to the customer. A customer might be interested more on the features whereas the salesperson will be interested to entice the client with numbers.

Service providers tend to focus on the numbers and in the long run dupe unsuspecting customers. Numbers will confuse buyers into signing an agreement that they aren't completely familiar with. Most advertisers focus on numbers, too, but it is not all what buyers are looking for.

Obsessing over numbers will tend to push away clients interested in the minute details.

Not Listening to the Customer

Your employees might possess poor listening skills which might affect the product delivery. Customers are very specific when demanding for a particular service or product. Poor communication skills will lead to selling of the wrong products and services.

It's better to be attentive to the customer and give them the service they want. Your employees might come out as off-putting due to poor listening skill which in the long run affects your business.